Zodiac sign – Libra

libra zodiac sign
libra zodiac sign

Characteristics: Libra – zodiac sign

Libra is characterized by an idealistic approach to life. Libra, known by its Latin name “Libra”, believes that there is good in everyone and tries to justify even the most evil deeds. He pretends to be an altruistic and just judge who wants to save the whole world. It comforts, helps, uplifts and gives wings. Almost all of her activity focuses on the relationships she maintains with other people. A master of indecision, she often misses opportunities. She seems calm, nice and smart, and in pursuit of higher values she can pursue and fight until death.

On the other hand, she is a very sociable creature and popular with those around her. Sentimental and sensitive, she seems detached from reality, but this is only an appearance. Belonging to the element of air, Libra loves intelligence. People with this sign absorb knowledge and gather information to form a balanced opinion on every topic. Libras are very honest, sincere and can be very meticulous. At the same time, the desire for excessive objectivity and the desire to take into account all factors often makes Libra indecisive and it is often difficult for them to make a decision quickly. Libra loves harmony very much and strives for it almost all their lives.

Libra zodiac sign:

Dates: September 23—October 22

whats libra sign

Social skills: Libra – zodiac sign

Libra cannot be happy without a loved one. They are very sociable and family-oriented, placing emphasis on making their loved ones happy and caring. They pass this attitude on to their friends and form very deep bonds with them. Understanding and friendly people. Libras like to spend time with friends and family. Libras are inconsistent parents, have difficulty setting boundaries, and tend to give in quickly. Although she sometimes avoids household chores and sometimes leaves them to her partner and children, she supports and intends to fight for her family until her last breath.

libra zodiac sign
Element: air
Ruling planet: Venus (plus the Moon and Saturn)
Day: Friday
Color: blue, turquoise, green

Best partners: Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius
Weak partners: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn
libra zodiac sign

Woman – under the sign of Libra

The Libra woman also has another, slightly more problematic side – she is a lover of good quality items, which is perceived as a love of luxury. Sometimes this leads to overpaying for material goods. Her favorite pastime is shopping, which is not always well thought out. Aquarius, Taurus or Capricorn tolerate the often crazy ideas of the alluring Libra well.

Libra is successful at seducing men who are also attracted to them. He also almost delights in showing his femininity – Libra is always elegantly dressed, well-groomed and attractive. She likes to be admired by those around her and to be liked by men. The guy she chooses and he loves her will truly become the one. Libra will not stand betrayal and other lies of this kind…

Animals: deer, butterfly, pigeon, snake, beetle, dragonfly

Fruits: bananas, cherries, dates, apricots, grapes

Flowers: roses, violets, daisies, yellow warbler, lilies of the valley

Auspicious days:
Unfavorable days:

Man: born under the sign of Libra

Always well dressed and elegant, yet a gentleman in every respect. He especially likes talking about art 😉 He likes spending time in company, has a sense of humor, which wins the sympathy of those around him. Many women easily engage in extramarital affairs with him. However, if he finds a woman who understands and supports him in every way, Libra will quickly calm down and will be an impeccable and faithful partner. Importantly, he is financially responsible because he needs the stability and security that money provides. As soon as she starts a family, she tries to offer her loved ones everything that is best. At home, as in life, Libra likes order. Fortunately, he doesn’t think that maintenance is his partner’s sole responsibility.

whats libra sign
Strengths: justice, romanticism, aestheticism, charm, kindness, balance, idealism.

Weaknesses: argumentativeness, procrastination, sybaritism, indecision, talkativeness, vanity.
libra zodiac sign

Child: born under the sign of Libra

Because Libra doesn’t cause any problems, guardians love them. She is also liked by her peers, although she sometimes treats them badly. When he asks for help from his peers, thanks to his innate personal charm, he has no problem getting it – from cheat sheets for math tests to copying homework. When he is in trouble, he can get out of it thanks to his charming and innocent facial expression 🙂 At home, he almost never argues or has any conflicts. Libra children are polite, they use the words: please, sorry, thank you – for this they are very admired and liked by adults. Unfortunately, Libra has problems with making decisions from an early age, so parents should teach their children to make decisions faster, but also to be courageous in expressing their opinions.

Lucky stones for Libra: pink coral, agate, emerald, pearl, sapphire, turquoise

Happy plants: cypress, birch, ficus, ash, apple tree

Work :

Libra’s dream job? Writer, actor, lawyer – no one can read human emotions and describe the world better than Libra. Unfortunately, she is also ostentatious, expects audience applause and is unlikely to be a good fit as the boss and owner of a successful company. She is too sensitive and that makes her lazy. At work, we value a friendly atmosphere more than promotions.

libra zodiac sign
Famous people with the Libra zodiac sign: John Lennon,
Brigitte Bardot,
Alfred Nobel,
Le Corbusier,
Kate Winslet,
Lena Headey, Mohandas Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher.
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