Zodiac sign – Pisces

pisces zodiac sign
pisces zodiac sign

Characteristics: Pisces – zodiac sign

Despite their talent, Pisces generally have low self-esteem, which makes them jealous of others’ achievements and status in the social and material sphere. For people of vulnerable nature, a sense of security is a necessary condition for a peaceful life, but this condition is rarely achieved. Pisces is a variable zodiac sign belonging to the water trine, so it’s no wonder that it requires symbiotic relationships on the one hand, and freedom and independence on the other. They are empathetic, but they can also be selfish. Pisces are ambitious, organized and hard-working, but in the role of boss they can be tyrants. Fish are a sign of hypersensitivity.

They often try to do what they have to do, but they can never say that they have willpower. Representatives of this sign are very dependent on the situation. Since they are not warriors, it is difficult for them to make decisions on their own. Pisces is the dreamy zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is located at the end of the zodiac, so it has the experience of all other zodiacs and is the wisest. Pisces are very sensitive to others. They can empathize with the sadness of others and feel it all the time.

Pisces zodiac sign:

Dates: 19 February – 20 March

whats pisces sign

Social skills: Pisces – zodiac sign

Pisces is probably the zodiac sign that is most sensitive to family needs. They spontaneously sense the emotional state of others. They care very much about their children and do not like to torment them with excessive discipline. However, their mood swings can often cause conflicts in the family. As empathetic people, they tend to shoulder their problems. They are friends, absolutely loyal, devoted and enthusiastic about the affairs of their loved ones. However, these undeniably noble qualities are often accompanied by naivety and gullibility. Hurt and deceived by false friends and unkind people, Pisces will remember for a long time the unfair treatment they received. They become suspicious and distrustful of new people and have difficulty opening up to new acquaintances. A person who once led an intense social life turns into a person who avoids people and focuses only on himself and his interior.

pisces zodiac sign
Element: water
Ruling planet: Neptune (plus Jupiter and Mars)
Day: Wednesday
Color: navy blue, grey-green
Ideal partner: Cancer
Good match: Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn
Neutral: Sagittarius
Not the best match: Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries
Poor fit: Leo
pisces zodiac sign

Woman – under the sign of Pisces

The Pisces woman is a family-oriented person, a good mother, partner and homemaker, but she wants to be admired for her devotion to those she loves. Only then will she know that her actions make sense and will confirm her value. Moreover, he can be irritating at times because he constantly demands affection and proof of love from his partner. She suffers when what she thought was lifelong friendship and boundless love turned out to be worthless. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often because Pisces are polite and friendly people, so they can be highly respected by others. She has a sensitive personality and can be overly emotional at times. He likes to immerse himself in fantastic worlds, dreaming of great deeds and great emotions. She idealizes others too much, which is often the cause of her problems, especially on the emotional level.

Animals: aquatic mammals, fish, jellyfish, crocodiles, seagulls

Fruits: melon, gooseberries,

Flowers: common dandelion, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots

Auspicious days:
Unfavorable days:

Man: Pisces

The best partner for him is a woman who will interest him enough that he will not look for another aquarium. And at the same time mentally strong enough to withstand mood swings. In addition, Pisces men are prone to imagination, self-confident and strong women. He is friendly and nice, but sometimes he can be very cold. This is due to his shyness. The pursuit of ideals often leads to instability. His sense of humor saves him from difficult situations.

whats pisces sign
Strengths: empathy, loyalty, tolerance, imagination, creativity, ambition, intuition.

Weaknesses: egoism, tenacity, unforgivingness, oversensitivity, jealousy, envy.
pisces zodiac sign

Child: Pisces

He likes fantasy worlds, but only positive characters from these worlds. He’s not the bravest kid, so he’s as terrified of terrifying dragons and cruel wizards as he is of the unknown situations he has to deal with in the real world. Children born under this sign are dreamers who don’t get into too much trouble. Just kiss him goodnight and ask him to listen to his favorite fairy tales, and he will sleep soundly all night long.

Lucky stones for Pisces: coral, turquoise, pearl, garnet, hematite, amethyst, ruby, carnelian

Lucky plants: tiger lily, nettle, holly, walnut

Work :

Combining intuition and sensitivity with a keen perception of the world, Pisces can be found wherever people gather. Psychologists, therapists and doctors can find a vocation in these professions. Endowed with eloquent skills, Pisces are great at explaining the world, which allows them to succeed in the arts.

pisces zodiac sign
Famous people of the Taurus zodiac sign: Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Willis, Sandro Botticelli, Fryderyk Chopin, Justin Bieber, Daniel Craig
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