Zodiac sign – Vigro

vigro zodiac sign
vigro zodiac sign

Characteristics: Virgo – zodiac sign

Virgos are practical, prudent, well-organized people. They are characterized by patience, insight and a focus on development, they like a practical approach to life. In general, Virgos are good-hearted and try to act with innate grace and kindness towards others. Virgo doesn’t hesitate to set boundaries, is honest and can say what she thinks. In social contacts, she is withdrawn, shy and taciturn.

Virgo’s methodicalness and criticism result from her perfectionism. This zodiac sign presents you with high challenges both at work and in your personal life. Virgo pays attention to details. He is acutely aware of reality, especially its small aspects that others may overlook or consider unimportant. Virgo, an earth sign, is very hard-working and action-oriented. Order is also very important to Virgo.

Virgo zodiac sign:

Dates: August 24—September 22

what vigro sign

Social skills: Virgo – zodiac sign

In matters of life, Virgo attaches great importance to good relationships with loved ones. She wants her family to have a good life and not have to worry about financial matters. Virgos really like to arrange their daily and family schedule to avoid surprises. Virgos are very careful when choosing friends and it takes a long time before they can fully commit to a relationship and call someone their partner.

what vigro sign
Element: earth
Ruling planet: Mercury (and the Sun and Venus)
Day: Wednesday
Color: navy blue, purple, green, dark brown
Best partners: Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces
Weak partners: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
vigro zodiac sign

Woman – born under the sign of Virgo

Virgo women are a bit too sensitive and can be capricious at times. Their hypervigilance causes a lack of spontaneity. They choose friends for a long time, but once they choose someone, it becomes a lifelong friendship. They like a neat appearance and a well-kept apartment that is nice and cozy. Finding the perfect partner can be difficult because ideals are rare. A virgin always dreams of a fairy-tale prince, so the search takes a lot of time. If he doesn’t fall in love, he won’t decide to get married for convenience. He thinks he doesn’t have to. After all, she is independent, loves her job and always manages to cope.

Pets: pets, dog, cat

Fruits: nuts, dates, apricots

Flowers: buttercup, common dandelion, yellow warbler, lilies of the valley

Auspicious days:
Unfavorable days:

Man: born under the sign of Virgo

They have great manners. Kindness is innate in them, not calculated. They manifest it towards everyone, not only towards those from whom they want something. They always dress appropriately for the occasion. As well-organized people, they cannot stand mess and are afraid of chaos. They are good friends and you can always count on them. His ideal is a woman… feminine, i.e. delicate, sensitive and intelligent. Unfortunately, Mr. Virgo does not appreciate romantic gestures, so you cannot count on them. However, he is attached to places and situations he knows, so it is unlikely that he will jump from flower to flower. Together with his partner, he is building a house of order and peace. He is a perfectionist and pays too much attention to details. He is loyal to the company that employs him and performs his duties impeccably. He doesn’t push his elbows, which is why promotions often pass him by and go to more influential people.

what vigro sign
Strengths: ambition, courage, energy, kindness, entrepreneurship.

Weaknesses: egocentrism, dominance, impulsiveness, impatience, rudeness.
vigro zodiac sign

Child: born under the sign of Virgo

Does well indoors, but not necessarily outdoors. A typical Virgo is a shy child who stays away from peers. He is more interested in learning than having fun, he just likes to learn. Knowledge is useful in adult life, at university and at work. Soon he stops believing in fairy tales because they are unrealistic. He learns to walk with the same persistence with which he acquires knowledge later in school and later in life. He falls, gets up and tries again. He is an emotional child, but he does not exaggerate with his emotions. His parents don’t have to teach him order, because he can take care of it.

Lucky stones for Virgo: sodalite, tiger's eye, garnet, hematite, amethyst, ruby, carnelian

Lucky plants: oak, tiger lily, nettle, holly, walnut

Work :

Virgo’s ambition and hard work will open many professional doors for her. Its “pharmaceutical” approach to assigned tasks makes it ideal for professions such as analysts, inspectors, accountants, journalists, doctors and scientists. He will also be successful in business and art. A Virgo will take on any task, no matter how difficult it is. Overtime and absences on holidays are not a problem.

vigro zodiac sign
Famous people of the Virgo zodiac sign: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Michael Jackson, Sophia Loren, Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo
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