Zodiac sign – Scorpio

scorpio zodiac sign
scorpio zodiac sign

Characteristics: Scorpio – zodiac sign

Scorpio is characterized by unparalleled emotional strength and willpower. Scorpio has the power to rise from the ashes of ruins and build a palace of unprecedented beauty from scratch. This is the sexiest sign of the zodiac with strong sexual energy. The scorpion has so much energy that if it is not used, it can become “overacidified” and lead to disease. Scorpios have a very strong connection to the past and see their own “past lives”. SCORPIUS are very intuitive and always sense danger.

Scorpios are born leaders and tireless individualists. Scorpio values independence, is distrustful and suspicious, needs time to open the door to his own world. There are many contradictions in it. On the one hand, he can be empathetic and compassionate, but in a split second he can turn into a malicious cynic. His honesty is outrageous and makes him many enemies, but being true to himself is much more important to him. He holds a grudge for a long time. He lives with his head held high and with confidence and has a charm that attracts people despite his ruthlessness towards them. Loyal, never forgets about his loved ones. Scorpios are born leaders who captivate with their charm and creativity. They can achieve success in almost every area of life.

Scorpio zodiac sign:

Dates: October 23 – November 21

what sign is scorpio

Social skills: Scorpio – zodiac sign

Scorpio demands a lot from partners, friends and children. They can be rude and harsh. However, they are also often very kind, caring and supportive. In the scorpion house you will find a combination of the latest trends, luxury and art. But don’t be surprised if you see an old clock hanging on the wall – it may remind you more of a grandfather’s house than a young person’s.

scorpio zodiac sign
Element: water
Ruling planet: Pluto (and additionally Uranus and Venus)
Day: Tuesday
Color: dark red, brown
Best partners: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
Weak partners: Aquarius, Leo, Gemini

scorpio zodiac sign

Woman – under the sign of Scorpio

Although she seems to have no romantic feelings, she can show passionate love for men. However, deep feelings for your partner involve a lot of possessiveness. Of course, given her temperament, you should be prepared for scenes of jealousy if she has a reason. He is a goal-oriented person, he knows what he wants and tries to meet his needs immediately. She is successful because she is well organized and focused on her goals. She is constantly climbing the career ladder, but that doesn’t stop her from being a great housewife, mother and partner. It is worth adding that he is usually a loyal partner.

Animals: snakes, wolf, hyena, cats, Germans, crustaceans, labradors

Fruit: citrus

Flowers: dark red geranium, rhododendron,

Auspicious days:
Unfavorable days:

Man: Scorpio

In love relationships, he can be selfish and jealous. Only his own opinion counts, and he expects submission and agreement from his partner. What is certain is that he loves sex. Mr. Scorpio is a man full of passion and erotic life is very important to him. Fortunately, he is in control of the situation and women can expect satisfaction from this side of the relationship. Scorpio is a complicated man. In everyday life, he is goal-oriented, excellent at overcoming problems and encountering new situations. He is a volcano of energy that is perfect for work. He is a great friend and his loved ones always count on his help.

what sign is scorpio
Strengths: Honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, magnetism, charisma, inspiration, tenderness, discipline.

Weaknesses: Perfectionism, distrust, malice, ruthlessness, vindictiveness, cruelty, implacability.
scorpio zodiac sign

Child: Scorpio

The Scorpio’s unbridled grandiosity and limitless imagination, fueled by curiosity about the world, continue to grow in their later years. In schools and kindergartens, little scorpions are everywhere – teachers always have problems with scorpions. However, the Scorpio child believes that he or she should not listen to adults, but gain their trust and respect and gain authority. Parents will manage to win his ear with consistency, not prohibitions and orders. His loved ones must submit to him, otherwise he will get into an argument, verbal or literal. However, this does not mean that he is not liked and that he cannot make friends. On the contrary, if he wants, he arouses sympathy among people, and if someone gains his trust, it will be a friendship for life.

Lucky stones for Scorpio: amethyst, agate, garnet, hematite, amethyst, ruby, carnelian

Happy plants: shrubs, conifers and thorny trees, hawthorn, blackthorn

Scorpio work:

Charisma opens many doors for Scorpio and allows them to implement their boldest ideas. He is a born leader who can lead his team to the barricade. Given the right conditions, he could be a good employee. However, he needs a free hand, the feeling that what he is doing makes sense primarily in the material sense. Scorpio has a great talent for making money.

scorpio zodiac sign
Famous people with the Scorpio zodiac sign: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Gordon Ramsay, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Kayah, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway.
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