Zodiac sign – Aquarius

aquarius zodiac sign
aquarius zodiac sign
aquarius zodiac sign

Characteristics: Aquarius – zodiac sign

Aquarius follows his own path, hates conventions and is painfully honest. No wonder the era of liberated hippies was called the Age of Aquarius. But Aquarius also has another side. Ambition is his middle name next to perfectionism. Aquarius is an intelligent type whose innate curiosity and openness to the world allows him to achieve more than most zodiac signs. He needs time to open up and only then can he be honest, which may be perceived as rude. When he decides to invest time and energy in a relationship, he becomes a devoted and loyal friend.

At the same time, they retain the desire for freedom and independence in all areas of life, including professional matters. Aquarius loves freedom. No restrictions are allowed. People born under this sign like everything that is unusual, original and unique. They are looking for new and unusual ways to earn money and want to stand out from others with at least one small thing. If you are going on a trip, go to an exotic place with several people. Aquarius values friendship and will do anything for the person they care about. They have an eccentric temperament, determination and stubbornness. Representatives of this sign are playful and interesting.

Aquarius zodiac sign:

Dates: 20 January — 18 February

what aquarius sign

Social skills: Aquarius – zodiac sign

Aquarius values freedom even in family life. In everyday life, it is often frustrating because it is difficult to find a compromise between family responsibilities and a lonely life. They slowly decide to start a family, and their adolescence can be eventful. As a parent, he is not overprotective and is kind to his children. He gives them a lot of freedom, but unfortunately he is unable to set boundaries and impose discipline. Aquarius is very friendly. This is because he feels comfortable when people are together.

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Element: air
Ruling planet: Uranus (plus Saturn and Neptune)
Day: Thursday, Saturday
Color: turquoise, light blue, gray, purple
Perfect compatibility: Aquarius
Good match: Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra
Neutral: Aries
Not the best match: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
Poor match: Cancer, Virgo
aquarius zodiac sign

Woman – from the sign of Aquarius

An extraordinary person with a strong desire for independence, looking for an intelligent and tolerant partner. Only with such a person will she not be bored and only with such a person will she not impose her opinion on her. Therefore, men with Cancer, Sagittarius and Libra have the greatest chances with her. On the other hand, a man who tries to control or limit her has no chance of dating her in the long run, even if he has strong feelings for her at first. Aquarius is not romantic. She’s not waiting for a prince charming. Often, her love is born out of intellectual infatuation or simply friendship. However, he is a very honest person, not bound by common sense, so if everything is perfect, he will openly express his emotions. And if she manages to build a relationship with him, she will remain faithful to him.

Animals: eagle, hedgehog, wild boar, elephant, owl

Fruits: kiwi, apple, dried dates, apricots

Flowers: blooming cacti, orchid, yellow warbler, lilies of the valley

Auspicious days:
Unfavorable days:

Man: from the sign of Aquarius

Always looking for new experiences, he prefers casual relationships to marriage and often values friendship over love. However, if he finds her, for example, in the form of an intellectually demanding and inspiring woman, he will build a harmonious relationship based on fidelity and mutual tolerance. A gentle dreamer with a free approach to life attracts women.

what aquarius sign
Strengths: independence, intellectualism, ambition, sense of justice, honesty.

Weaknesses: perfectionism, bossiness, stubbornness, rebelliousness, impatience, little enthusiasm.
aquarius zodiac sign

Child: from the sign of Aquarius

He loves reading and often reads adventure and popular science books. At school, he is described as “talented but lazy” because he likes to learn, but only learns what interests him at the time. He chooses fields that allow him to develop his interests, he is more willing to choose subjects that will not necessarily bring him money later, but will be an interesting challenge for him. Yelling at him and punishing him doesn’t help, because then he becomes even more stubborn. If you want him to listen to you, just explain to him why he needs to do what you ask him to do. He feels good among his peers, but he also likes to play alone.

Lucky stones for Aquarius: turquoise, opal, garnet, hematite, amethyst, ruby, carnelian

Happy plants: cherries, pear trees, plum trees, nettle,

Aquarius Work:

Aquarius has many talents, including: can develop in the financial industry, has predispositions also as a presenter, can manage a production company, and be active in sports. He will be successful in his independent career. Among the famous Aquarius there are many actors, singers and journalists who attract crowds with their charisma. Aquarius values continuous development and well-being over financial satisfaction, but has an incredible ability to make money.

aquarius zodiac sign
Famous people of the Aquarius zodiac sign: Virginia Woolf, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Édouard Manet, Shakira,  Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston
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